A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (千里之行,始於足下). This is true for everything we do. Whatever one is planning to do, no matter how difficult it is, if one has no courage to take the first step then nothing will happen. It will always be “just a dream”. Let us enhance this quote from Laozi a little to make it more suitable for our modern life, a life where we have limited resources and time and yet we must make the most out of it. Let us rephrase that to “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and with the expertise of an experienced and trustworthy guide, one will be assured of short and pleasant journey.” I do not think anyone can dispute that enhanced quote.

If there is a thought of investing in Singapore real estate, then I may be of an assistance to you. Having worked in the real estate industry since 2008, I have a big portfolio of real estate listings in Singapore and new launches or projects in United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. As a real estate professional, I provide complete solutions to individuals and corporations, be it leasing or purchasing any types of real estate – residential, commercial, industrial and logistics. Over the years, I have helped a few corporations set up their presence in Singapore; as tough as it is, the challenge is a win-win for all parties. I have won numerous awards over the years, and this is a dedication to my commitment to excellence, transparency, and integrity. It is these core values that shaped me to be who I am today.

There are many parties who are interested in properties in Singapore, ranging from Singaporeans who reside outside of Singapore and would like to return home in the future to ex-Singaporeans and foreigners who want to diversify their investment portfolio into Singapore real estate. Unlike other city states, Singapore is possibly the safest place to invest in properties. Politically, it is a very stable place with no sudden changes to business-friendly policies. The government policies are balanced and promote growth and the well-being of its residents. The economy is vibrant, diversified and grows consistently over the years with only short recessions. Its monetary policies are well thought out and quite future proof. So, it is not a surprise that corporations are setting up their Asia Pacific offices in Singapore and people from all over the world are investing in Singapore and the easiest way is to invest in its real estate.

The easiest way for a foreigner to invest in Singapore real estate is to purchase a private condominium. Public housing, known locally as HDB (Housing Development Board) flats are restricted to locals or permanent residents only. Landed properties like bungalows, villas, semi-detaches, terrace houses are available to foreigners, but some restrictions may apply. Singapore is divided into three major areas – Core Central Region (CCR), the suburbs, Rest of Central Region (RCR) and the outskirts, Outside Central Region (OCR). Private condominiums are built all over Singapore and one has many to choose from. You can check out the new projects in Singapore here in my website. Link provided below. If you are looking for pre-owned or resale properties, do contact me for a comprehensive list of properties that I have. It is easier for me to have a Zoom or WhatsApp call and discuss possible choices than to post all of them here.

Commercial properties include modern shop houses, shop lots, conserved heritage buildings that are converted to shop houses, shopping arcades, office towers, hotels, and other types of non-residential buildings. Logistic properties are warehouses or land where logistics activities like containers, shipment are carried out. Industrial properties are factories, landed or flatted. These non-residential properties are always in demand due to the vibrant, robust and growing economy. I have a good portfolio of non-residential properties that may be of interest to those who wish to set up a company in Singapore.

Singapore’s population is growing and companies are setting up their offices or factories here. These two engines of growth create jobs and demand for rental properties, be it the high-end condominiums for top management, private condominiums for the executives, office space or factories.

Singapore government has plans for growth and the wellbeing of the nation well beyond 2030. Let us take the first step together in realising your dream of diversifying your investment portfolio to include Singapore real estate. Rest assured that I will try my very best to ensure that the journey is a pleasant one. Contact me by WhatsApp, phone or email

Awards Received
Top Producer 2010 #97
Top Producer 2013 #29
Top Producer 2013 March #03
Top Producer 2015 #46
Top Producer 2017 #135
Top Producer 2017 July #05
Top Producer 2017 Dec #36
Top Producer 2019 Aug #01
Top Producer 2019 Nov #21
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Top Producer 2020 Jan #26
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